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The four cities of Ohio now offer a wide variety of family attractions and activities, and there are many events in Sylvania to keep everyone in the family happy. Just a short drive from the Ohio State University campus, you'll find them all in one place, come and find them all.

Sylvania offers a range of activities for visitors, and visitors to Sylvania enjoy the outdoor activities in the parks and historic sites around the city.

Another gem is the Botanical Garden of Toledo, a replica of the Pioneer Garden with an acre of fragrant meadows and wildflowers. The Plant Museum in the Botanical Garden of Toledo offers a variety of exhibits such as plants, animals and plants from around the world, as well as a wide range of food products.

Maumee Bay State Park offers a unique natural environment created by the convergence of land and Lake Erie. This beautiful family park is home to a variety of wildlife, as well as a number of hiking trails, a nature centre and a picnic area. The beautiful nature reserve covers an area of 1.5 million square feet and is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Maumees Bay State Park offers breathtaking views of the unique natural environment created by the confluences between the lands of Lake Ohio and the land of Michigan and Michigan State University with its unique waterfalls.

The Toledo Metropark system includes 12 individual parks, ranging from the expansive Wildwood Preserve to the beautiful Lake Erie State Park to the historic Toledo Zoo and Museum.

There are several parks in town, including Olander Park, which has a large 28-acre pond and is located on the west side of the park, south of Lake Erie State Park and west of downtown.

The total population is 48,487, making it the second largest city in the state with a population of more than 1.5 million. It is also one of the longest of all states and stretches for 64 miles, with the Ohio River in the middle and the Oak Ridge National Forest to the east.

The county that nearly killed C. Leo worked for General Telephone (GTE) and learned that the company that acquired Sylvania General Telephon was operating in the area that AT & T / Bell did not want.

Sylvania is also easily accessible from Detroit, as it is located on the Ohio-Michigan border and is only a short drive from Detroit - Detroit International Airport (DIA). To reach Sylvania from Toledo, simply take I-75 from downtown Toledo and drive on it to Toledo. You can park in the library garage or start at the Art Loop and then head north on Highway 23 and south on Interstate 75 until it reaches its terminus on Interstate 65 in downtown Toledo.

While there are tent and conference facilities that charge a fee, a day in the State Park costs absolutely nothing. Although there is no campsite or conference room that charges a fee, it is still a great place to camp for free.

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If you enjoyed your visit to this charming community a little too much and decide to stay a few days or even weeks longer, you will be glad Ohio Magazine named Sylvania one of the best hometowns in Ohio for 2010. If you're looking for some fun outside of Toledo, like me, be aware that the Side Cut Metropark is technically located in Maumee, Ohio, and the Indian Creek Zoo is not officially in Toledo - not even in Ohio. But Toledo residents can take full advantage of some of the state's best attractions, including the Toledo Zoo, Ohio Museum of Natural History and more.

Add a city tour to your tour and you will be amazed at what you discover in Sylvania. Drive through the amazing houses in the area, located in safe, well-maintained suburbs, or head to the city of Toledo and take some of the best shopping, dining and dining options in Toledo on your itinerary. If you love the charm of the old world of a small town with its picturesque alleys and quaint shops, Sylvanias has it all.

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